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Free Leak Check

You may have heard about our FREE leak checks and are now wondering what all the fuss is about!

Our FREE Leak Checks are the number one non-invasive way to find the source of leaks within your shower and bathroom areas. Our Managing Director Chris personally conducts all of our in home assessments giving you the opportunity to ask him any questions you may have during the assessment. He discovered the art of shower sealing many years ago and to date has personally repaired over 3500 showers – there isn’t anything he hasn’t seen yet! Chris will take the time to visually inspect your shower area and also check behind the tiles for any moisture build up with our bathroom specific Moisture Device which can read through ceramic and porcelain tiles without having to move anything in your tiled areas. He will then discuss with you the findings and let you know your options with no obligation, just friendly professional advice.

What do I look for you ask?

Maybe you have noticed cracked, discoloured or missing grout? Swollen Timber Architraves? Cracked tiles? Mouldy or missing silicone? Maybe you have water leaking outside your shower or damp carpet in adjacent rooms of your house? Don’t stress!! We can help!!

80% of our customers do not know that their shower is leaking, and with our non-obligatory, FREE leak checks there is no risk to making sure your biggest investment is protected.

FREE Leak Checks

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