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This service is specifically designed to prevent showers from leaking before any major structural damage occurs, or “The art of sealing a leaking shower without the need to re-tile.”

It takes time and consistent water leakage to damage a shower to the point of no return leaving you no choice but to renovate. But in nearly 100% of cases we can save your bathroom before that happens with our SMART SEAL SYSTEM.

Our Experienced Tradesmen will remove your shower frame in order to correctly seal the joints underneath

Then, using our Aquashield Technology we then mechanically clean and prime the shower joints in preparation for our Ceramic Sealing compound to be applied. Our Ceramic Sealing compound is specifically designed for leaking showers, sets as hard as tile, is impenetrable by water, and can be perfectly molded to fit relevant joints. Once this is applied, any cracks or holes in the grout are then replaced and the internal wall joints are filled with ceramic specific anti-fungal silicone. When your shower frame is refitted you will be amazed at how great it looks and confident that all the joints in your shower will not leak.  Water damage will cease to occur and your shower will dry out naturally over time – saving you from suffering potentially thousands of dollars in repairs and days or weeks without the convenience of using your shower.

Standard service repairs usually take between 3 – 4 hours and in most cases your newly sealed shower will be ready for full use in just 24 hours. Your shower service will vary depending on the condition of your shower and will involve minimal disruption to the rest of your home.

The longevity of our high quality products and our experienced tradesmen gives us the confidence to offer you lengthy warranty periods with each service. Book your FREE Leak check today!!

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