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Leak Checks

Our FREE Leak Checks are the number one non-invasive way to find the source of leaks within your shower and bathroom areas. Structural damage from water penetration is a costly and stressful situation to be in. We want to alert you to a problem before it becomes an expensive and inconvenient emergency.

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Free Leak Check & Assessment Brisbane

Get your "Free Leak Check"

As a valued member of our community, you are entitled to a FREE Leak Check for your bathroom areas. The inspection takes around 30-45 minutes and we will leave you with a detailed report highlighting any issues (if found). One of our bathroom specialists will take the time to visually inspect your shower area and also check behind the tiles for any moisture build up with our bathroom specific Moisture Device. This high tech device can read through ceramic and porcelain tiles without having to conduct invasive testing in your tiled areas. He will then discuss with you the findings and let you know your options with no obligation, just friendly professional advice.

We specialise in educating our clients about what is happening in their homes, preventative maintenance, and of course our FREE leak checks for peace of mind. It’s all a part of our care philosophy.

But What Do I Look Out For?

Aquashield Bathrooms - Dirty Bathroom giving you the blues

Cracked, discoloured or missing grout

Swollen Timber Architraves

Cracked tiles

Mould you just can't get clean or missing silicone

Discoloured, peeling or missing silicone

Water leaking outside your shower

Damp carpet in adjacent rooms of your house

Don't Stress - We Can Help

80% of our customers do not know that their shower is leaking, and with our non-obligatory, FREE leak checks there is no risk to making sure your biggest investment is protected.

Whether you have direct issues with your shower, have an investment property you would like checked, have a property you are preparing for sale or just want some piece of mind, a free leak check is a simple, cost effective way to give you information about your biggest investment.

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*Most Insurance companies do not cover water damage caused by a leaking shower - so regular maintenance on your wet areas is recommended (** this is not direct insurance advice and you should check your individual policy or speak to your insurance company for full details on your specific cover)

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