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Aquashield Bathrooms are licenced waterproofers and also members of the Australian Institute of Waterproofing. We follow the National Building Code of Australia when providing waterproofing services and provide certificates of compliance on completion of your membrane application. Our waterproofing systems are designed for the best possible coverage for your wet areas, and we hold refresher training for our team regularly to keep up with the changes in the industry.

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Understanding how waterproofing works:

Your waterproofing membrane is located underneath your tiles in wet areas within your home. It is designed to catch any excess water underneath your tiles and direct it towards the waste to be disposed of through the drainage system in your home. It stops water from going outside of these wet areas and causing damage due to water penetration. In a sealed shower, the only way water can escape your shower recess will be down the drain pipe. There will still be a small amount of moisture underneath the tiles from condensation which occurs when you put hot water onto cold tiles – similarly to a cold coke can on a summer’s day. This is normal and the waterproofing membrane will take care of this moisture and dispose of it as designed.

But. If you have a leak in your shower either through cracked tiles or missing sealant, there is more than just condensation happening under your tiles. The water from your shower will access the areas in your recess and seep under the tiles – but it’s not just water used during your shower! Soaps, shampoos and shower gel’s are also accessing these areas and they have the potential to emulsify which in time will break down the waterproofing membrane protecting your wet area. This is when waterproofing membrane failures occur and the water is able to escape your wet areas into other parts of your home.

We can help if you have waterproofing issues!! Please speak to our friendly team about getting a FREE leak check to ensure your biggest investment is protected.

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