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Tile Rectification

If you have a tiling requirement in your bathroom areas we can help! Our talented tradesmen can help with small tiling repairs, to larger scale re-tiling projects.

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You Don't Need A Full Renovation Because of One or Two Cracked Tiles

Tile replacements can be tricky or risky depending on a number of factors such as the location, the type of tile, and how adheased the tile in question is. Removing a cracked tile that is securely fixed can compromise the waterproofing membrane underneath, resulting in the need to remove all of the tiles to redo the waterproofing. We avoid this by rectifying the tile, ensuring there is no water seeping through as unfortunately damaged or cracked tiles allow water below the surface of your shower. Using our Aquashield Ceramic sealant, we can rectify the tile while it is in place, saving you thousands from the need to retile your bathroom entirely. We can also seal your shower completely without the need to retile by providing a smart seal on your shower areas. Speak to our friendly team about how we can help you with a cost effective option for repairing your shower area and book in your free leak check today for your personalised recommendation.

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No job too small

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Aquashield Bathrooms - Rectified Tiles - Cracked Tiles - Before


Aquashield Bathrooms - Rectified Tiles - Cracked Tiles - After
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