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Materials used within your shower recess have an expiry date too..


Did you know that the grout in your shower has an expiry date? Not literally like a best before that you might see printed on your milk bottle in the fridge, but there will come a time where you will need to have it replaced. But how do you know when that time is?

Normal wall grout in it’s true form is like a fine powder. If you can elicit powder from grout in your joints it is returning back to it’s original form, and therefore is expired. If it is very hard and you can see fine fractures especially along the edges of tiles, it is expired. When your grout is expired it becomes porous meaning water can penetrate through it.

With all of our shower repairs we add high quality additive – which gives you a much longer life span (because the grout becomes stickier) so it binds together tighter. It doesn’t wash out as easy, doesn’t crumble, and the chance of cracking is less likely (provided structural stability is present) Our grout is also formulated with a resistance to a broad range of moulds and bacteria specifically designed for use on walls and floor – so extra piece of mind when working with bathroom areas which are so wet most of the time.

Still not sure if your grout has expired? We would be happy to come out and do an assessment for you for peace of mind.

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