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Cracked tiles, why putting it off is costing you money not saving it


Oh dear… Is your shower looking a little worse for wear?

Cracks in your tiles are most often not as serious as this picture but still cause a whole lot of damage behind the tile – creating an environment for your tiles to eventually end up like this. Water penetration can do some serious damage to the substructures behind your tiles, rotting away the adhesive and causing real problems to the support that is holding the tiles to the wall in the first place.

If left unchecked it will appear that your shower is not leaking, but you risk encouraging structural damage that you cannot see until it is too late! In saying that it does take time and consistent water leakage to damage a shower to the point of no return – leaving you no choice but to renovate, BUT in nearly 100% of cases we can save your shower before that happens with our SMART SEAL System.

The first point in our Smart Seal System is to do a FREE leak check to get specific moisture readings to pin point exactly where the water is coming from and how much damage is occurring under the tiles. Being a complimentary service, there is literally NO RISK for peace of mind.

What are you waiting for? Call us on 07)34664982 to secure your non invasive FREE leak check today.


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