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Tile Repair, how does it work?

Today I was wondering if any of our followers knew how we repair tiles instead of replacing them and why it is so important not to leave your cracked tiles without repair.

So the picture above is of a cracked tile within a shower recess. Whilst the crack is only small, and so narrow that it could be mistaken as a rouge hair, the water that is seeping through the crack is alarming if you think about it. The moisture reading under this tile was about as high as our moisture reader goes, and with a relatively new house the readings shouldn’t be this high – except for when there is a leak as obvious as this one.

The options going ahead with a cracked tile are simple, re-tile the shower (which will set you back a few thousand dollars) or repair the tile. In the process of repairing a tile, not only do you avoid the risk of disturbing the waterproofing membrane underneath, you also can ensure the time it takes to do the repair will be quick and simple as well as giving a bit of relief to your back pocket.

We mechanically clean and prepare the cracked tile and apply our Aquashield Ceramic Sealant, which moulds into the prepared tile, sets as hard as tile and ensures a complete seal of the tile which has been repaired. Paired with any Smart Seal System, we can give you a warranty which will last longer than your grout! And give you peace of mind

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