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Chris, our CEO in Brisbane, discusses leaking showers, leaking tiles and the problems that you may face if you don’t get your shower checked for leaks. Problems may not occur now but continue to ignore leaking showers and the repairs could be costly. Contact Chris and the team to get your free shower leak.

This 60 second info video for you today is to answer two questions. The first is: Why should i call Aquashield for a free lake check? and the second is: Why shall i do a smart seal on my shower?

Well here’s the answer for you. 80% of people don’t actually realize that their shower is leaking. A lot of people don’t realize for the length of a 10 minute shower you’ve got about 50 or 60 litres worth of water that goes through your shower recess before it goes down the drain.

Now all you need is a small hole. It could be missing grout it could be some bad or defective silicon, it doesn’t really matter but every time you have that shower, water’s going to start going underneath those tiles and if you consider one shower a day and you compound that by 365 days of a year and then let’s say you have a 20 year old shower – you’re guaranteed to find some level of deterioration underneath the surface.

As for the smart seal everyone knows that it is very expensive to conduct a renovation on a bathroom simply because the shower has failed or a waterproofing membrane has let go.

Smart Seal is designed to stop a shower from leaking without having to go down that path.

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