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Chris, our CEO in Brisbane, discusses cracked tiles in the shower recess, leaking tiles and the problems that you may face if you don’t get your shower checked for leaks. Problems may not occur now but continue to ignore leaking showers and the repairs could be costly. Contact Chris and the team to get your free shower leak.

G’day guys chris here from Aquashield Bathrooms – the masters of shower and bathroom maintenance. Today’s 60 second info video for you is to talk to you about crack tiles.

If you find yourself in a position where a crack tile has randomly appeared inside your shower, my first recommendation is going to be stop using your shower until such time as it gets rectified. I’m not talking about the tiles where something heavy has dropped on the tile and naturally the tile is going to shatter, I’m talking about one sunday morning where you jump into the shower and you happen to notice a cracked tile somewhere around your shower floor or the first course of wall tiles.

Generally that will indicate something much more sinister is happening in underneath your shower floor tiles for that to happen. Most of the time it’s going to be related to gross amounts of moisture underneath the surface.

You see moisture has two reactions – things will either shrink or they will swell. Either way both are very detrimental to the shower itself and very undesirable. If you find yourself staring at a crack tile wondering how it got there inside your shower, pick up the phone and give us a call on 3466 4982 and speak to one of my friends and girls in the office and book yourself in for a free leak check.

We’ll come around we will have a look and tell you what needs to be done to stop further damage from developing we look forward to seeing you soon

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