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Licensed Professional vs DIY


With so many DIY shows on TV now, watching the block may have you thinking that attempting your reno or fixing that leaking shower yourself is a great idea, but before you start you may want to consider what you can do vs what will need a licensed professional.

A big no-no will be any job involving electricity, gas or water. These jobs are not only dangerous but are against the law to tackle by yourself.Asbestos may be found in your walls or ceilings if you own an older home which is a serious health risk. Electrical work poses fire and electrocution risks and must only be done by someone with a valid licence. Working with gas has similar risks to electrical work and Plumbing jobs need a licensed plumber for work from the sewer, water main, and pipe work within your home.

Waterproofing is one of the most common building defects reported by property owners to the QBCC. Defective waterproofing can cause a great deal of damage to your property and is often caused by poor installation practices. Waterproofing work requires proper training and knowledge of how to apply waterproofing, according to the Australian Standards.

Painting, plaster and basic fittings are simple and unrestricted for repairs, but for all other work consider contacting a professional for a licensed, certified job that you know won’t have any issues down the track.


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