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Leak Checks: When should you get one?


Today I was wondering if our followers knew what it is that we look for when doing our leak checks…

So I decided to let you all know the signs that we look out for to know if a shower is leaking.

  • Cracked, discoloured or missing grout
  • Water leaking outside the shower
  • Mouldy or damp carpet
  • Discoloured, mouldy or missing silicone
  • Swollen timber architraves
  • Cracked tiles

But what if all of these things are looking normal?

Do I still need to get a leak check? Yes. Almost twenty five percent of our customers have perfectly normal looking shower recesses but have significant moisture readings under the tiles when checked with our Aquashield Technology. The reason for this is that the joints UNDER the shower frame are not properly sealed and is letting water through to beneath the tiles with each shower. We will be able to pin point exactly where your leak is coming from and stop it before it gets really nasty.What is stopping you from getting a FREE leak check for peace of mind? Call us on (07)34664982 or 0420414696 today.

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