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Mouldy grout can be such a problem in the shower and bathroom. Chris guides us with some tips tricks and how Aquashield Bathrooms can help you today.

G’day guys. It’s Chris here from Aquashield Bathrooms, the masters of shower and bathroom maintenance.

Just a quick video in relation to mould. What a touchy subject. Everyone hates mold moulding showers and can be the bane of people’s existence.


They either scrub and scrub and scrub and mould doesn’t go away or it does go away and then it just comes back way too quickly. However it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing something wrong when it comes to cleaning your shower. It could actually mean that the products inside your shower are well and truly past their used-by-date. This applies to things like silicon or sealants and grouts.

What that can mean though is if these products are expired, chances are they’re actually starting to let water seep behind your tiles. When you consider that every time you turn your shower on for the length of 10 minutes, you’ve got 50 or 60 liters worth of water, the last thing you want is some of that water to continually sneak underneath your tiles because if you magnify that by one shower a day by 365 days a year by however old your shower is, it could potentially lead to deterioration under the surface and everyone knows it’s no secret that to remediate inside a shower or bathroom can be quite expensive and for good reason.


However there is something that can be done about this and that’s to pick up the phone and give us a call or check us out online on because we’ll come around and do what we call a free leak check for your shower repair it’ll give us a general idea of what’s going on behind your tiles and what we need to do to fix it to stop that level of deterioration occurring so check us out online or give us a call and book yourself a free lead check today.

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