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Shower Repair – Leaking Shower Repair – Sunshine Coast

By 25/08/2022No Comments

Shower repair can be an easy and an affordable ordeal if caught in time. If not, it could cost you time, and lots of money.

G’day guys. It’s Chris here from Aquashield Bathrooms, the masters of shower and bathroom maintenance.


So you think you’ve got a leaking shower and perhaps you have. The basic signs of a leaking shower are things such as missing grout or missing silicon.

Trivial as that may be one, thing you need to realize is that everything inside your shower is there for a reason and it’s there to stop water from going underneath the surface of the tiles.

Now there’s two kinds of leaks within a shower. There’s the ones that you can see and the ones that you can’t see.

But by the time the leak that you can’t see develops into the ones that you can. Ultimately, by then it’s too late.

The key is to be proactive why not look at us a little bit closer and get us in for one of our free leak checks. The free leak checks are free, hence the name, they’re there to educate you on your shower. That is because at the end of the day everyone knows how expensive it is to do a remedial build inside a shower let alone a bathroom.

Not everyone has that kind of money lying around just waiting for a bathroom to fail and that’s where the smart seals come into it.


Smart seals are specifically designed to stop your shower from leaking without having to re-tile and in the process could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

So give us a call on 3466 4982 and speak to one of the friendly girls in the office and organise your free lead check or register through our website.

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