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What is happening underneath your shower tiles?


It’s fair to say this shower is leaking.. as this photo is taken from the OUTSIDE of the shower! With missing silicone and cracked grout in the shower recess you can only imagine what is happening BEHIND the tiles.

So what exactly is behind the tiles on the walls of your shower?

Apart from the glue that holds the tiles to the wall, there is a layer of waterproofing membrane that stops water from penetrating to the fibro sheet behind it. The sheeting is connected to the timber frame that makes up the wall. On the other side of the frame is more sheeting, plaster and paint which makes up the wall of the adjacent room.

Excessive moisture in your wall cavities encourages the growth of bacteria and mould

This can cause the structural frame to bend, weaken or rust, depending on your specific situation. If you’re shower is leaking, the chances are that you are not going to notice until some damage has been done, whether it be minor aesthetical damage or major structural damage to the frames which are holding your roof up. Now to be clear it takes TIME and CONSISTENT water penetration to create structural damage that is irreversible.

But how long are you willing to wait to find out? Our leak checks are free and non invasive and let you know definitively whether your shower is leaking or not.

So for your own peace of mind, speak with one of our friendly team about our FREE in home assessments today on 0420414696 or 34664982.

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