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Water penetration under your tiles

Today I was wondering if our followers knew what it looks like under the tiles when water penetration starts to cause issues?

This is a perfect example of what water penetration can do beneath your tiles! All of the tiles on top of the hob were loose and drummy as the tile adhesive had deteriorated – which also started to let mould grow under the tiles!

The bed outside the shower had been reduced back to its sand form and also had very little structural integrity left. 

In a worst case scenario, this water can do damage to more than just your bathroom

We have had a few properties recently where the structural integrity of the actual house has been compromised by water damage. Once this happens it becomes a safety issue as the floor can literally fall out from underneath you or tiles fall off the wall and onto you when you’re showering.

At Aquashield Bathrooms, we are all about preventative maintenance and fixing any leaks in your shower before it gets to a detrimental state. Fix your little problems before they become expensive big ones with our Smart Seal System!!

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